Why is less time spent on the phone?


Some people realize that the constant use of the telephone has a great effect on health and other areas of life. But many do not know that the phone is very harmful to human health.
1. The reason. The glow of the phone screen has a very bad effect on eye health. Even even though gadgets are being created in which special screens are used that almost do not harm the eyesight of a person, even they with a constant and long pastime on the phone will not help. Often those who spend a lot of time looking at the screen of a smartphone end up in a hospital complaining of big vision problems.
2. Reason. Many who constantly sit on the phone do not have time to do any important things. Scientists have found that children who constantly spend time with gadgets are less likely to finish their homework. And people who graduated from school and started working often do not have time to do everything that had to be done on a working day, as they are constantly distracted by the phone.
3. The reason. Since the inscriptions on the phone screen are quite small, people have to squint, this leads to a lot of wrinkles. Of course, you can say that you do not have such a problem, but with constant spending time on the phone, you squint, without even noticing it, since it became a reflex.
4. The reason. Often, many people cannot distinguish what is written on the screen, and then they begin to approach the screen, and this affects the posture badly, especially when it is done constantly. Now there are quite a few teenagers who suffer from a distortion of posture, and many adults who constantly use a smartphone often have a backache.
5. The reason. Few phone users are looking for useful information on the Internet, and this leads to a gradual decrease in knowledge among young people. Before, when there were no gadgets and the Internet, many teenagers read a lot of books, gaining a large amount of knowledge. And now, most of today’s youth use the opportunities that the Internet provides, not for gaining knowledge, but for simple communication with friends or comrades. Of course, talking with a friend who is far away is good, but do not forget about knowledge.
Do not think that phones have only one con, there are pluses.
For example, you can make it a source of income. One of the options for Instagram. Promoted Instagram accounts get pretty good money. There are great services to get comments on instagram. Thanks to them, you can quickly unwind.
This is only one of the advantages of the phone, and there is much more.

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